/Dale Of Fade Has Conquered More Business Ventures During The Covid-19 Pandemic And Has Launched His Franchise For Fade Mansion

Dale Of Fade Has Conquered More Business Ventures During The Covid-19 Pandemic And Has Launched His Franchise For Fade Mansion

Dale Of Fade has not been slowed down by the inconveniences caused by quarantine. Instead he has revamped his business and is tackling new goals.

Ndale O’Brien also known as Dale Of Fade is a hidden gem from New Jersey. He has pursued his passion for cutting hair and has turned it into a thriving business mold. Dale has come a long way, as he only started out in a basement using a DIY workstation. Now he sets out to scope new and bigger business ventures for his brand. It is time to take it further. Dale Of Fade has high class clients in other countries that allows him to travel and become inspired and more motivated. Seeing other scenic areas has made him want to branch out and franchise his business across the states. His shop is not your typical shop. The culture is prevalent. He has the type of shop everyone enjoys walking into because of how professional he is and also because of his in shop sneaker/clothing boutique. After a client gets out of that chair they feel brand new and sometimes want to shop afterwards. Merging the two businesses means more revenue and more attention from not only individuals looking for a quick cut. His shop will now bring in sneaker connoisseurs and anyone looking to shop.

Dale Of Fade chose to sell sneakers because it is the staple of one’s outfit. It is the centerpiece and it is art within itself. Hairstyles and sneakers are an individual’s expression of who they are. Dale is a sneaker enthusiast himself and enjoys collecting so why not implement something he enjoys within his shop. He even had the opportunity to do a paid opportunity with Reshoevn8r, which is a company all about shoe cleaning. His franchise would do exceptionally well. Dale Of Fade while cutting hair has seen some places people only dream of. He has traveled to Dubai, Thailand, Costa Rica and Trinidad and Tobago. There he got to emerge himself in other cultures. What better way to learn about someone than to cut their hair. He has also had the opportunity to be part of fashion week in Paris. Each place holds its own set of opportunities and experiences. Opening his franchise will only help him travel more and keep enjoying what he does. Dale is not only a great business man, but philanthropist and he wants to give back to communities inside and outside of the U.S. Opening his business to reach more clients will help his, mission to give back.

More recently he has just launched his franchise “Fade Mansion”. This is a huge accomplishment for this young go getter as his goal is to expand his brand globally. This is just the start of something great ! His first location is on
the east coast in the tristate area. As this shop grows so will his franchise. You will know the name Dale Of Fade !