/Five Reasons Why You Need Bulk SMS for Your Business

Five Reasons Why You Need Bulk SMS for Your Business

SMS marketing is an effective way to reach your target customers and keep them informed about your services at regular intervals. Bulk SMS is the distribution of large numbers of SMS for delivery to people. It is used by several companies like media companies, commercial banks, various big & small enterprises, and consumer brands for different purposes including sending single messages, interactive messaging, and incoming number services. Businesses are turning to SMS marketing because it is faster, efficient, and cheaper compared to traditional marketing. Anyone can customize and send personalized SMS messages to a person or a group of contacts from an SMS gateway.


Nowadays More and more companies are using bulk SMS to communicate with their customers and to reach their target customers.


Five Reasons to Choose Bulk SMS:


Bulk messages have become a common means of communication in the business world. It is a powerful mobile marketing tool that plays a pivotal role in having marketing goals for every company.


  1. Reliability


There is a chance that emails can go to the spam folder but with bulk SMS services there is a certainty that your customers are going to read it. Your promotional SMS is not going to the spam folder, unlike emails. SMS’s have higher chances of visibility than emails. Messages are generally checked by people regularly unlike emails.


  1. Cost-Effective


SMS service is quite cheaper than spending for ads on Facebook, google. Only 30% to 40% of people are reached through the ads on Facebook, Google which will incur a cost of around $100 plus per day. Through bulk messages, you only send messages regarding your products and services to the contact numbers and can engage your target audience directly.


  1. Higher Conversion Rate 


The Bulk SMS service is quite authentic and the content that you send over to the contact numbers is sent directly and delivered to the user. If the users are interested in your product or service then they will directly connect with you.


  1. Increased Clientele


These days the businesses are busy attracting new customers, but in this process, they neglect the existing customer base because of which the customer relationships create hurdles for your business. With Bulk SMS services, one can easily manage the customer relationship with just a click thereby releasing newsletters, updating the customers of your product & service.


  1. User-Friendly


SMS providers assist in providing us with a user-friendly and easy SMS panel to broadcast the promotional or transactional Mass SMS with easy clicks. It makes the whole process easier, affordable, and reliable.


Rules and Practices for SMS Marketing:


Though SMS marketing is easy and convenient, there are rules and practices which need to be followed for the SMS marketing industry. Be aware that the freedom to send text messages to customers gives them no right to send anything at any time.

Misusing the power of SMS marketing can do more harm than good to businesses. First of all, a company needs to cross-check itself whether SMS marketing is right for its business or if it should avoid it.


It is best for time-sensitive messages. That is why interrupting someone with an SMS is not justified if the message or information is not time-sensitive.


In this world of information technology, everything is guided and optimized using a computer. The simple SMS which was once used by individuals to simply express their view concisely has now been converted into a marketing tool by Mass SMS and Bulk SMS services. Now companies just need an SMS gateway provider to access a huge spread in minimum time.


One of the best tools that the companies are employing right now is Bulk SMS. It is a simple service in which a company engages the service or which it thinks is the best SMS service for business.