/How to Improve Quran Reading in Quarantine with Tajweed

How to Improve Quran Reading in Quarantine with Tajweed

The Quran is Allah’s speech, which all Muslims read or memories in Arabic. Every Muslim who wishes to learn the online quran academy is one of the luckiest people on the planet, because he or she is pursuing a book that will provide true Islamic education knowledge to the rest of the world.

Learning or memorizing the Quran has its own set of requirements. You may not get the full benefit of this holy book if you don’t have it. Every word in the Quran read or narrated with the appropriate Tajweed. Norrani Qaidaonline quran academy will assist you in learning the Quran. It teaches you the essentials of reading the Quran more effectively.

When it comes to the current lockdown situation, everyone is staying at home. Nobody wants to go outside and endanger their health. As Muslims, we should all make the most of this critical time. There is no better way to get back to the basics of Quran study.

1.Regardless of your age:

You should be aware of the mistakes you are making. It’s also possible that you work from home, and your workload will never be the same during the lockdown. So, instead of binge-watching Netflix seasons, you can use the time to learn about Islam.

The education that connects you to the path of loving Allah and His Quran sayings. The majority of you are always concerned about a lack of time. However, the lockdown period is an excellent opportunity to brush up on your tajweed fundamentals.

Because the Quran is Allah’s speech, it is critical that every word of it be pronoun correctly. It is disrespectful to change the meaning of the Quran by uttering the word. You have this lockdown period to avoid all of your previous mistakes.

Tajweed fundamental rules for learning the Quran quickly:

2.Internal Etiquette:

The Internal Manner is the first part of the primary rule. It’s also referred to as “heart manners.” A Muslim believes that the Quran is Allah’s speech, rather than His word.

Before beginning the process of learning tajweed, everyone should have this belief. Before beginning to learn tajweed, the learner should always cleanse their mind. It is also critical to comprehend the significance and meaning of the ayats or words.

Every message in the online quran academy should be receive in a peaceful manner. Finally, every Muslim should know how to pronounce the Arabic alphabet correctly.

3.Manners on the Outside:

External manners are the second most important rule to remember when learning tajweed. It is associate with the purification of the body, the environment, and the clothing. The Quran contains a lot of respect. So learning tajweed in a filthy environment, existence, or appearance is disrespectful.

It is customary to keep your face turned toward the Qiblah during tajweed study time. You should seek Allah’s protection at every warning mentioned in the Quran. You should also take a moment to reflect on any Ayat that demonstrates Allah’s mercy.

In this way, you can thank Allah for having mercy on you and all Muslims. In the traditional Arabic dialect, it is critical to use caution when pronouncing words. As a result, you’d never miss a foreign accent with it.
4. Sifaat al-huroof:

The letter characteristics are referee to as sifaat-ul-hurroof. You must consider the manner of articulation. The characteristics of letters are also included in this section, which requires a thorough examination.

(5) Makharij-ul-huroof:

The emission points are referee to as Makharij-ul-huroof. It discusses the various areas and regions of the mouth. In this case, it considers your throat and lips, from which different letters in Arabic are emit.

It’s the fifth tajweed rule. It refers to the sound produced by “nnn.” The vowels can be pronoun in four different ways.

6th. Meem :

It’s the sixth Tajweed rule. Whereas meem can be pronoun three different ways. As a result, it is important to keep this in mind when reciting the Quran with tajweed.

7th. Muddud:

Muddud refers to the beats produced when pronouncing a vowel letter. This tajweed rule applies to any letter that contains the word Mudd.

8th. Laam:

The terms Shamsiyya and Qamariya refer to the Arabic letter’s shape. They are both mentioned in the eighth rule of reading the Quran with tajweed. It is silent in shamsiyya. The letter is pronoun “AL” in Qamariyya.

Tarqeed and Tafkhim:

Some letters in tajweed are pronoun with a light and thick accent. It is ninth and final rule. As a result, when reciting the Quran with tajweed, you must keep this rule in mind.


Tajweed is essential for learning the Online Quran Tutors by Rate. It’s the best time to learn everything about it while you’re in lockdown. Being a Muslim necessitates Islamic education for all of us. Instead of wasting your free time, spend it learning Quran with tajweed.

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