/How to Pack Cannabis Products: Different Types of Boxes and the Best for Shipping

How to Pack Cannabis Products: Different Types of Boxes and the Best for Shipping

Online shopping has been around for a while now, and it is getting more popular. As a result, the fragile product industry is booming as well. Packaging these products in custom boxes can be difficult, but it’s necessary if you want to get them from point A to point B without breaking. Every time a customer purchases cannabis product from your website, shipping is an essential step in the process.

Packaging can make or break whether or not customers come back to your site for future purchases. In addition, we need customized designs for some products to inform what’s inside. For example, many Cannabidiol products need custom printed CBD boxes to provide safety and beauty at the same time.

This blog post will discuss the importance of packaging when shipping fragile items. Next, we should know what boxes are best for cannabis products, like 30ml bottles, and finally, which box is best suited for shipping purposes!

Importance of Packaging for Shipping Fragile Items

Perfect packaging is necessary if we want to send delicate and fragile products overseas. Fragile items can be damaged during shipping, and if they’re not packaged correctly, there’s a higher chance that the product will break.

We need to take care of fragile products to guarantee their safety within the shipment process. If our customer receives a broken product, they might lose trust on the brand. If you send another product as an alternative to a broken one, they might not order again. So, good packaging is as crucial as our precious product.

Importance of Packaging for Shipping Cannabis Products

Cannabis products are sensitive items due to legislation that prohibits them in some places. In addition, they need good packaging because cannabis is not fragile per see. Still, there might be difficulties during the shipping process.

During shipment, foreign customs agents ask invasive questions like the type of product or if it’s illegal or not. But, on the other hand, excellent and appropriate packaging will ensure customers receive their order on time! So, let me explain what materials we can use when we want to pack our cannabis products.

Types of Boxes for Cannabis Product Packaging

There are four types of box fillings that you can utilize for the shipment of Cannabidiol products.

Cardboard Box:

The first is a simple cardboard box. This approach may seem like the least expensive approach. But it’s also one of the worst because products can get damaged during shipment due to their fragile nature.

Hemp oils and vape juice are perfect for those who want to lighten their load while still protecting the contents from damage. From a retail perspective, cardboard boxes offer many benefits. These boxes are easy to customize with a logo or branding on them.

It gives the best impression on customers and provides ample space inside of them so that you’re able to house thousands of products. At once! Hemp oil is just one example that would fit nicely within these types of containers because it’s less heavy than others, such as Cannabidiol liquids.

Corrugated Box:

Corrugated boxes are “layered” with a cardboard fluting. This property makes them sturdy and robust for shipping more oversized items. These types of boxes are suitable to ship most products safely. Corrugated boxes are perfect for protecting your product. They are solid and rigid, and they keep things safe. You can fit any dimension and shape in the box, making it great for shipping to far-away places where their sizes may not be standard.

The best way to get things shipped or delivered is with an unbeatable package like a corrugated box explicitly designed for this purpose! The outer layer of such boxes protects items while keeping them safe from harsh weather conditions, so they arrive on time no matter what type of remote destination you need them sent to!

Rigid Box:

Rigid boxes are made for a range of products and have been used in gifts or high-end packaging. They often contain hemp oil to keep it safe from outside elements with magnetic closures by making the box itself look luxurious.

If you are looking for a sturdy, lightweight box to send fragile products or those that need extra protection in transit, then the laminated chipboard boxes might be your best bet. The process creates an indestructible frame with thick walls and high-quality graphics without adding any weight compared to cardboard alternatives.

The heavy-duty construction of these triangular-shaped boxes makes them perfect carriers when shipping items such as glassware or crystal. It is large enough but not too wide, so there’s no chance of breaking something along the way from bumps during transportation.

Opaque Box:

This type is what it sounds like – the box is completely opaque so that you can see nothing inside of the package. This phenomenon means any product can be shipped within these, such as CBD oils or shatter-able concentrates because they won’t break through from the other side!

If you want your customers’ experience upon receiving shipments to impact their decision whether or not to buy from your shop again in the future, we would suggest custom printed packaging, which will help promote your brand.

Some More Steps for More Secure Packaging

We need extra care for some products like delicate 30ml Cannabidiol oil bottles. We can wrap them up in a custom 30ml bottle packaging for additional care.

There are many steps we must do when packing cannabis products for overseas delivery purposes:

  • Place cardboard inserts on each side of your product, so it doesn’t move or shift around too much inside! Packaging is also important because you want customers coming into your store to see what’s available.
  • Make sure you don’t put anything over the top of the package where it could bend down onto whatever is below, giving extra pressure – this would make any existing damage worse than before!

Final Words

Every time a customer purchases cannabis product from your website, shipping is an essential step in the process. Packaging can make or break whether or not customers come back to your site for future purchases.

Companies offer custom boxes for cannabis products that are durable and perfect for shipping fragile items, like 30ml bottles of cannabis oil! As a result, you can safeguard your cannabis products and send them with peace of mind.