/Istanbul MUN: Model of the United Nations

Istanbul MUN: Model of the United Nations

The first university-level Model United Nations conference in Turkey MUN was organized for students to develop skills in diplomacy and negotiations through active participation at the UNESCO headquarters. The conference was attended by delegates from 29 countries around the world. It is hosted by Bogazici University. The event has been designed as a four-day simulation of the UN Security Council, General Assembly, and Economic and Social Council meetings with panels of speakers on international affairs, cultural diversity, and sustainable development issues.

Students are encouraged to represent their country’s interests or present alternative solutions to current world problems. They are also invited to take part in interactive debates over issues such as global warming or child labour The Istanbul MUN conference began with a celebration involving school councils and diplomats from around the world, along with a flag ceremony showcasing all of the country flags present at the conference, including those delegations that were not able to attend. After this presentation, delegates got straight to work by spilt into committees for a full day of committee sessions, before coming together as one united body at an opening reception held at Galata Tower.

About Istanbul Model United Nations

Delegates at Istanbul MUN are given the opportunity to become active participants in the United Nations activities, rather than observing from outside. They are encouraged to conduct research on current international affairs, broaden their general knowledge about the world, and interact with other delegates for full immersion into each country’s interests.

It is organized by students of Bogazici University, who have conducted extensive studies on how best to bring together individual talents to utilize diplomacy through debate and negotiation at a high-level forum. The sessions are hosted by distinguished faculty members. The event attracts numerous political science students, as well as those interested in public speaking and foreign policy. Its goal is to facilitate an open dialogue between nations for peace and stability not only in Turkey but also in the world.

Why should you participate?

Scholarships are available for all participants, which include international travel costs, accommodation, and all-conference costs. Every delegate receives an official certificate of participation from the host university. The committee chairs for each committee are assigned upon arrival, giving every participant a chance to get involved from the beginning. This way, if you’re not keen on joining a particular committee in your initial application, but there was a chair position you had your eye on, you’ll still have the chance to put your name forward and lobby for it with other delegates when we arrive.

Istanbul MUN also gives breaks between committees so that participants aren’t stuck sitting in their seats all day long! Each participant will be given “votes”, which they can use throughout the conference to vote up their favourite speakers. As such, this encourages active participation throughout the conference, as delegates will have to contribute to their committees in order to rack upvotes.

Benefits of Participation!

Some benefits that participants of Istanbul Model United Nations can look forward to are the opportunity to develop skills in diplomacy and negotiations, the chance to experience the different cultures of Istanbul by interacting with people from other countries, and an opportunity to learn more about one’s own culture. With the participation of delegations from other countries, delegates also get to learn about what is happening in different parts of the world. It takes place at the UNESCO headquarters in Paris where there are three main conference rooms: General Assembly Hall, Security Council Room, and Main Hall. These rooms have been used by many historic political figures such as Benjamin Franklin who signed both the French Treaty of Alliance and the American Declaration of Independence.

The selection process for each delegation varies according to each country’s national policies. In most cases, a minimum grade requirement must be met in order to be considered for Istanbul MUN. However, this requirement varies from one institution to another so it would be best to check with officials. Another advantage participants can enjoy when they attend it, is an opportunity to make new friends, especially if the participants come from different parts of the world. It has its own benefits for hosting universities as well. For example, Bogazici University will benefit by having a more diverse student body in terms of their international relations and social interactions. This will be reflected in the university’s programs because diversity makes education much richer than in universities that are made up of one homogenous group. It would also enable students to learn about multiple cultures in order to better prepare themselves for future job opportunities that require them to work with people from different countries or organizations where there may be a variety of ideas and opinions. In addition, this experience allows departments such as volunteer organizations to cooperate with their counterparts in other universities, which could lead to better programs.


The Istanbul MUN is the first and only one of its kind in Turkey. It gives young leaders an opportunity to practice their diplomacy skills, meet new people, and learn about global issues that are part of our world today. If you want to become a better communicator or just take time off from your day-to-day routine for something different. If you want an unforgettable experience that will give your resume a boost while broadening your horizons, this may be just what you’re looking for! Contact us Today!