/PC Build Wizard for Gamers to Build Gaming PC
PC Build Wizard for Gamers to Build Gaming PC

PC Build Wizard for Gamers to Build Gaming PC

A gaming PC can be regarded as system that is proficient for playing all new games, providing an adequate level of reassurance from this leisure. Although the necessities of users vary, so really diverse devices fall into the sort of gaming PCs. Now PC Build Wizard will make it easy for you to choose PC parts.


Today, a processor with four or more cores is required to comfortably run new games. Top models of Intel Core i3 dual-core processors can also cope with this task, but only on a small monitor and with low graphics settings. To enjoy a detailed picture, the CPU must have at least 4 powerful cores, preferably 6 or more. Examples of such processors for gaming PCs include the AMD FX 8350 and Intel Core i7-6700. However, the fastest CPUs at the moment are Intel Core i7 and Xeon. In general, Intel is more versatile and easier to port under-optimized applications; AMD is good at multi-core-oriented tasks.

Video Card:-

The graphics card has become the most painful choice when building a gaming computer. The popularity of mining has led to a sharp increase in the cost of video cards, and although the situation on the market has stabilized a little recently, their cost is still very far from adequate.

That is why one of our proposed assemblies provides for the possibility of using an APU with fairly fast integrated graphics. If you have made a choice in favor of Intel Core i5-11400F, then you cannot do without a video card. In our chosen price range, there are simply no video cards with ray tracing.

Power Supply:-

For our assembly, even a 400 W PSU will be enough, one however, we prefer to take everything with a small margin. It is not known how you will want to upgrade your computer in the future, and so there will be room for choice. Therefore, we settled on a 600 W unit. This is enough even if you switch to a graphics card and processor from the premium segment. There are also all kinds of overload and short-circuit protection. 6 connectors of the 15-pin SATA format will allow powering all drives that can be found in the above-described case.


Any modern computer provides for the need to use a solid-state drive for the system partition and a hard disk for storing information that is not demanding in terms of access speed. Provided, that you don’t want to spend money on a giant SSD. SSD is great! It’s fast and convenient. But any gamer is faced with the need to store hundreds of gigabytes of games. Using a solid-state drive for this is too wasteful and even pointless. You will not get much of an advantage in the speed of the game. Therefore, you are unlikely to be able to do without a hard drive. We did not experiment with the choice of HDD, so we offer the time-tested 1 TB Western Digital WD10EZEX model.