Planning a Trip to Dubai? Don’t Forget These Shoe Shopping Tips

In Dubai, it’s not just sand, sun, history, towering monuments, and vibrant nightlife. The city is also a mega shopping hub for tourists with its slew of global fashion brands and unlimited online shopping options. Among all the fascinating things you can get for your trip or buy online in Dubai, one category never disappoints – shoes!

Importance of Choosing the Right Footwear for a Trip to Dubai

Selecting the appropriate footwear is vital when traveling there to ensure comfort, style, and versatility in Dubai’s ever-changing terrain. Dubai offers various things, from touring luxurious shops and meandering along immaculate beaches to exploring historic souks and enjoying desert excursions. Shoes that are both fahionable and functional are perfect for the city’s sophisticated eating scenes and lively nightlife. In contrast, comfortable and breathable shoes are essential for exploring the enormous stores and markets. Sturdy, supportive shoes will shield your feet from harm and help you stay stable on uneven ground during desert adventures. In addition to improving your entire experience, choosing the appropriate shoes will help you avoid foot soreness and weariness so you can take advantage of everything Dubai offers.

Shoe Shopping in Dubai – The Basics

A few basics should always be in place regarding shoe shopping for Dubai. These include the following: 

  • Be clear about what you want or need, i.e. whether it is heel sandals for women, clogs, flip-flops, formal shoes, etc. Making a list beforehand will help you narrow the options and plan your outfits better.
  • Short-list leading global brands that you prefer and make a note of their collections and price points across online stores in Dubai. 
  • Check the official websites of top footwear brands. You may chance upon fabulous deals at these places.
  • Dubai is a great place to invest in good sneakers for women since these footwear styles are trending in the Emirate. You will easily find all the latest styles from leading names. 
  • Always try out your shoes once you have them; don’t rush to wear them and venture out immediately.
  • Check whether the material is durable enough to last the course, particularly if you use the shoe frequently. 
  • Lastly, the aesthetics and design of the shoe matter immensely since you will naturally want to pair it with your outfits. So consider this aspect carefully while buying as well.

Buying Shoes in Dubai – Don’t Forget These Technicalities

The art of buying a good shoe depends on several intricate aspects of the purchase process. Here are some technical tips that you should never forget. They will help you check whether your chosen shoes are suitable for you. 

  • Choose your shoe based on the fit, not the size. The latter may vary depending on the footwear’s design and style. 
  • Your shoe should be similar to your foot shape. 
  • Remember that shoes are measured based on the length from the heel to the first metatarsal head (arch length). This is because the first metatarsal head is the foot’s widest part. 
  • Measure both feet, checking whether the shoe fits the largest one. 
  • Try on your shoes in the evening because this is when your feet are likely to be at their biggest size. 
  • Always stand while measuring your feet or fitting the shoe. Sitting down and lounging about during the process may lead to inaccurate fittings. 
  • The dimensions from your longest toe to the shoe end should be 3/8 to ½ inch on average. 
  • Don’t try to break into shoes that feel tight. It may backfire later, leading to discomfort and swelling. The ball of your feet should comfortably fit into the shoe’s ball pocket. 
  • Look out for heel slippage and walk across the room while trying shoes. You can also walk up and down the stairs to check the fit and comfort levels.
  • If you have to acquire a shoe that may cause discomfort later, consider accessories like toe caps and gel dots for a more comfortable fit. 

Here’s to Your Happy Feet Moment in Dubai

Whether it’s the latest heel sandals for women or sneakers, Dubai is a hotbed for the best global footwear online. However, remember the above-mentioned tips and tricks to choose something that makes you look good and feel comfortable. The basic principle of buying a shoe is to make you look and feel confident without any discomfort. If this box is ticked off, you can expect to have found your perfect pair of shoes (or even more) online shopping in Dubai. Here’s to finding comfy and gorgeous footwear you will be proud of online!

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