The Basics of Athletic Scholarships

There are some basic rules that should be followed to secure athletic scholarships. Most athletic scholarships are renewable each year, but the renewal period may vary. It is a good idea to research renewability policies carefully before applying. Academic awards, on the other hand, typically renew automatically. It is important to understand how your scholarship will be spent and what your requirements are. Fortunately, the most important changes for the 2021-22 school year have already been announced.

First of all, you must be certified by the NCAA to receive athletic scholarships. This certification entitles you to a variety of resources that can make college life easier for you. It also means that member institutions will help you with your academics. Getting certified will involve a review of your high school coursework and will ensure that you meet minimum academic standards. The NCAA also limits the number of athletic scholarships that an athlete can receive. It is important to understand the limitations and eligibility requirements before applying.

It is important to remember that most student-athletes do not receive full-ride scholarships. In fact, only one percent of students receive full-ride scholarships. However, many students strive for this, since these scholarships will cover tuition and fees, as well as books, room and board. Some scholarships may even cover living expenses. Whether you are a student-athlete or not, athletic scholarships will help you achieve your academic goals.

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