/The Ultimate Straw Hat Guide
The Ultimate Straw Hat Guide

The Ultimate Straw Hat Guide

The straw hats are undoubtedly one of the best fashion statements. Most straw hats are crafted from natural straw materials or tight interwoven synthetic materials are that capable of increasing the breathability of the hats. Not to mention, the brim provides excellent protection from the sun. Both men and women can wear straw hats to showcase their fashion statement as they come in multiple designs and sizes. Apart from that, another great benefit of straw hats is that they are extremely lightweight. The straw hats are great woven means that the small openings enhance the ventilation and keep you cool during the hot summer days.

Are the Straw Hats Effective at Protecting You From Sun?

Depending on the dimension of the holes that allow sun rays to pass through and the tightness of the weave, the straw hats are extremely effective at protecting your face and skin from the scorching sun rays. While purchasing straw hats, make sure you hold the hat to the sun to determine the sun rays passing through it. Straw hats that have sun protection feature come with a UPF rating. To achieve maximum protection, don’t purchase straw hats that have a lower than 50 UPF factor. As per Rei, fabrics that allow less than 2% of UV rays to pass through are labeled UPF 50+.

When you buy straw hats with tighter weaves, it will allow the least sun rays to pass through and will provide excellent protection against the sun. However, keep in mind that straw hats with tighter and finer weaves are more expensive than the others.

Types of Straw Hats

There are many popular types of straw hats such as Panama, Fedora, boater, and the lifeguard men’s straw hats. Here are the top 4 most popular straw hats you should know.

The Boater Straw Style

Since its introduction, men have started wearing boater straw hats to showcase their formality in events. However, boater straw hats are effective only in warm weather. There was a time when men used to switch their winter hats with the boater straw hats and this day was known as “Straw Hat Day”. Generally crafted from a stiffer straw, the boater hat provides a distinct appearance with a flat brim and crown. Nowadays, many schoolboys in the United States wear the boater straw hats as an essential part of their school uniform. Due to the promotion of various famous channels, the popularity of boater straw hats is increasing and many people are considering it as a classic fashion style. Many fashion bloggers and travel enthusiasts are considering boater straw hats are an essential upgrade for their wardrobe. You can notice eh presence of boater straw hats all over Instagram. If you’ve even been to Venice, you would notice that the gondolas wear the boater straw hats to complement their iconic style.

Panama Straw Hats

Due to their breathability, Panama hats are one of the best fashion gourmets you can include in your wardrobe. The Panama hats are crafted from Toquilla Straw and can be worn with linen or light silk suit. Even though the Panama hats look great in any outfit, but the linen suit is the best combination for the Panama straw hats. Just like other types of straw hats, the price of the Panama straw hats will increase as per the tightness of the weave. Panama hats are highly popular amongst tourists and vacationers as they showcase classic style and provide protection from the sun’s rays. Another great benefit of Panama hats is that they will help you complement your confident and stylish attitude. Even though they were used to worn by men, nowadays women are also wearing the Panama hats.

Fedora Straw Hat

Many people don’t know the difference between a straw fedora hat and a Panama hat. Even though they might look similar, but their comfort and features are slightly different. The building material defines the Panama hat whereas; the shape defines the fedora straw hats. All Panama hats are crafted from straw, but the fedora hats can be crafted both from straw and felt. Fedora straw hats come with a pitched front, low crown, and wide brim. This is why they are perfect to protect you from the UV rays of the sun. Not to mention, the fedora straw hats are highly attractive. Straw fedora hats are capable of complementing both women and men. As they are lightweight and possess higher UPF ratings, the straw fedora hats are the top choice for tourists.

Floppy Beach Straw Hat

While purchasing straw hats, most people prefer floppy beach straw hats more than anything. Even though they are most popular amongst women, men can also try this fashion statement. The floppy beach straw hats cine with large brims so that they can protect your skin from tan on the beach. As floppy straw hats are available at multiple price points, you should pay close attention to the tightness of the weave and the UPF factor if UV ray protection is essential for you.


Straw hats are highly effective at complementing your fashion statement. Therefore, pay close attention while choosing them. Make sure you consider your requirement, mood, face shape, and personality while choosing the best straw hats.