Tien Len Mien Bac – Learn About Game Rules and Tips for Playing Effectively

Northern Tien Len is a card game with a gameplay similar to Southern Tien Len, both using a 52-card deck of Western cards in an antagonistic form. However, there is a huge difference between these two genres. Let’s immediately learn about these differences as well as how to play to help you quickly win from the experts in the article below.  jun88 Please.

A few words about moving to the North

Tien Len Mien Bac is a fighting card game that uses a familiar 52-card deck of Western cards with the same gameplay as Tien Len Southern, however when playing you must pay attention to the rules of card placement and interception to win. win.

If in advancing to the South you can intercept cards with different qualities just need to meet the requirement of a larger card value, then advancing to the North is the opposite. To intercept, the player must have a card of the same suit with a higher value. Only card 2 can intercept all other cards without distinction in quality.

Frequently used terms you should master

In Northern Tien Len, there are some important commonly used terms that you should not ignore as follows:

  • Straight: is a deck of cards consisting of at least 3 cards of consecutive value that must be of the same suit, for example 4 – 5 – 6 hearts.
  • Four of a kind: decks of cards consisting of 4 cards of equal value, such as four of a kind, (A of hearts, A of diamonds, A of diamonds, A of spades).
  • Pig: is the term for the 2nd cards in the game. This is the card with the greatest value and can cut all other cards.
  • Pairs: decks of cards include 2 cards of the same value. In Northern Tien Len, the pairs must have the same color, for example, pair of red 5s, pair of black 6s.
  • Triple: is the case where a player owns 3 cards of equal value, for example triple 8, triple 10,…
  • Go white: is the case where the player owns special decks of cards such as Dragon Hall, Four Pigs, etc., then he will win without having to continue playing.

Rules of the game going to the North

The rules of Tien Len in the North have certain changes compared to Tien Len in the South, including important points that players need to clearly understand as follows:

Rules of dealing cards

The deck of cards used in Tien Len Mien Bac is a Western deck of cards with 52 cards per game with a maximum of 4 players and a minimum of 2 players. Then the dealer will mix the cards and deal them one by one to the players in the game clockwise, each person will have 13 cards.

In case the table has less than 4 people, the remaining cards will be face down and unused. In the first game, whoever owns three spades will go first in the next rounds. The previous winning player goes first.

Law of blocking cards in moving to the North

During the process of playing Northern Tien Len, there are some regulations related to card blocking as follows:
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  • If a player plays cards in a round and skips a turn, he or she will not be able to continue blocking until the end of that turn.
  • To cut off an opponent’s card, the card the player owns must meet the requirements of the same quality and have a higher value than the opponent.
  • The pig can cut all other cards in the game without distinction of quality.
  • Four quarters are used to chop a pig.

Some other rules

Besides the above popular game rules, when participating in Tien Len betting in the North, there are also some other rules such as:

  • Cases of white in the North include Four Pigs, Dragons, 6 pairs of the same color, 6 pairs or decks of cards of the same color red/black.
  • When cutting cards of four of a kind, pigs or 3 pairs of cards, players who have the above suits with higher value can cut over them. At this time, both the person who chopped the pig and the first four quarters/pair of pine trees were punished.
  • Cases of rotten pig, four of a kind or double pine are all punished according to regulations, usually 1 black rotten counts as 1 bet, 1 red rotten counts as 2 bets.

How to play Northern Tien Len card in detail

To play Southern Tien Len like a master, you need to master the order of strength and weakness of the cards as well as how to arrange the cards in your hand, specifically:

The order of strength and weakness of the cards

In the Northern Tien Len card, the order of strength and weakness of the cards is determined based on two factors.

The first is the value on the card and the second is the suit. If you want to cut a card, your cards must be of the same suit and have a higher value.

The values ​​of the pieces will be arranged in order from pieces 3 – 4 – 5 – 6 – 7 – 8 – 9 – 10 – J – Q – K – A – 2.

The suit of the cards is Hearts – Diamonds – Diamonds – Spades, then the 2 hearts card will have the greatest value.

Homogeneous wires Q, K, A have the highest value and 3, 4, 5 have the lowest value.

Tips for combining cards in how to play Northern cards

When combining the cards in Tien Len Bac, you need to arrange them in ascending order.

Priority is given to straights, pine pairs, pairs and junk cards, especially four-of-a-kind suits that need to be ranked first.

Try not to leave odd cards in the process of arranging cards, let them form pairs or straights.

When playing, you need to rely on the actual situation to choose the most appropriate sets or odd cards.

How to play Tien Len Northern card game in 1 game

Similar to Tien Len in the South, the way to play Tien Len in the North in 1 game is not too big of a difference, including the following steps:

  • Step 1: You proceed to choose a game then place a bet. After a successful bet, the dealer will deal 13 cards to each player.
  • Step 2: You proceed to turn over your cards and then arrange the cards according to a specific strategy or based on the connection of the pieces.
  • Step 3: the player who owns 3 spades will have the right to go first, playing cards clockwise. If you have cards of the same suit with a higher value than your opponent, you can chop.
  • Step 4: The game continues until someone plays all the cards and wins

Experiences in playing Tien Len in the North well from masters

To play Tien Len Southern card game as well as a master, you not only rely on luck but also have certain experience.

  • Apply the strategy of arranging the cards appropriately, paying attention to the order of strength and weakness of the deck to increase your chances of winning.
  • Learn how to memorize cards to better control the game as well as predict the cards your opponent possesses.
  • Absolutely do not leave strong cards such as pigs, four of a kind or pine pairs to play last, otherwise you will easily lose your cards.
  • If you own too many odd cards, you should find a way to play these cards quickly, avoiding leaving too many which can affect the results.
  • You should apply deception tactics to make your opponents think that your cards are not strong, thereby making wrong decisions when betting.

Where to play Tien Len in the North?

You can choose the two most popular forms of playing Tien Len in the North today: playing online or offline. Each way of playing has its own advantages, specifically:

Tien Len Bac online

Tien Len Bac online is a way to play online betting with outstanding advantages such as vivid graphics and realistic sound. The reward rate when playing online is very high and there are many betting tables with rich amounts of money for you to choose from.

Besides, when choosing to play online, you can also interact with other players in the game, are guaranteed safe information security and have many attractive promotions and deposit processes. Withdraw money faster.

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Go to the North Offline

The offline form of Northern Tien Len playing will be played at tables right at home or at casinos to try out. Players can choose betting tables with different values ​​with the same rules as online. However, when playing offline, you need to pay attention to information security factors as well as the phenomenon of cheating from opponents and the house itself.


Thus, general information related to advancing to the North and instructions on how to play to win quickly have been quickly shared in the above article. Hopefully we can help bettors during the betting process, don’t forget to follow  Jun88 Every day to update other useful news.

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