Top Tips for Renovating Your Old Caravan

Perhaps your beloved (if slightly battered) family caravan has been left on the drive throughout winter and has received little to no tender loving care of late? Alternatively, maybe you have just purchased an older, second-hand, caravan and want to inject a new lease of life into the vehicle in preparation for the summer. Either way, you have clicked on the right article, as here are five top tips for renovating your old caravan. 

Invest in New Curtains 

Firstly, the caravan curtains are an aesthetic addition to your vehicle and can make a huge difference to how warm you will be throughout the night. You will be amazed at how a fresh pair of curtains in a bright and bold color can transform the entire space. 

Particularly for those enthusiastic caravanners who love to spend their winter staying in the caravan to avoid the crowds in the summer, you could even look to add a thick, thermal backing to the curtains too. 

Improve Security 

After spending time and money rejuvenating your caravan, the last thing you want is to suffer the heartbreak and practical inconvenience of finding your possessions overturned and your sentimental items stolen. 

This is why, as important as modernizing the aesthetics is, you should also look to invest in a caravan-specific tracking device, which will also likely help to reduce your annual insurance premiums. Furthermore, steady locks for the corners and security posts on your driveway at home are also effective deterrents to opportunistic burglars.  

Update Your Lighting 

Especially if you and your traveling companions enjoy spending quiet nights in when you’re on vacation, spending more time planning not only where the various lighting fixtures will go but the style of lighting you choose.

If possible, and you can justify the expense, lighting with dimmer switches is always the best way of creating different atmospheres inside the caravan, depending on the activity and the time of day. 

Replace All Soft Furnishings 

Not only will this give your bedding and seating a new, more modern, and refreshing makeover, but you will also prevent bed bugs in your caravan and create a relaxing and calming environment. 

There are many ways to increase how cozy, warm and homely your caravan looks and feels, with the following tips providing the ideal start:

  • A soft and textured floor rug for the center of the floor
  • Have a specific space for card and board games for a bonding evening in
  • Use caravan-safe scents to keep the air fresh yet homely
  • A simple doormat with a welcoming slogan 

Inject Your Own Personality

The fifth and final caravan renovation tip is to do everything you can to inject your own personality and style into the space. Start collecting small yet striking souvenir magnets to affix to the front of the fridge freezer to remind yourself of past caravanning adventures, and spend time choosing a selection of beautiful photographs to arrange throughout the space and on the walls of your friends and family. 

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