Blind is Here to Help You Find a New Job in an Office Setting

The great resignation has left us with the most remote perks and flexibility in our jobs, but we also need a little workplace gossip to make decisions on job offers and camaraderie to talk about company policies. Blind is here to help you find a new job in an office setting – anonymously, of course. Here, 4.1M+ professionals share salary information, company reviews, and interview experiences. Read their stories and share your own to find the perfect job for you.

Some people think blindness is a weakness that must be conquered. In reality, the ability to see is one of the most important senses in life. However, blind people depend on other senses to get by in their daily lives. While vision and hearing are basic senses for the sighted, they’re not the same for blind people. Blind people use hearing to understand movies, for example, while sighted people pay attention to vision.

If your child is born without an eye, the child will not be able to see at all. This is because parts of the eye cannot develop before birth. As a result, the brain has a harder time processing information coming from the eyes, leading to blindness. The good news is that blind babies can still learn and develop normally. Of course, you’ll need to seek help from specialists and learn how to help your child overcome this obstacle. For example, blind kids can participate in special learning programs designed for them, which focus on using other senses to learn and play.

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