What is an Art Game?

An Art game is a form of interactive digital software art. This type of game can be a subgenre of serious video games. Its genre is non-traditional, incorporating the concept of abstract painting with the mechanics of video games. Its goal is to inspire and educate while allowing players to experience a new world through the medium of digital art. Here are some examples of Art games. And, if you want to learn more, read on to discover more.

One such game is TAG The Art Game. Players take turns creating an abstract work of art, using a color wheel spinner, cards, and a die. There is just enough guidance to keep everyone entertained, while still leaving room for individual expression. Its multiple adaptions allow for a large range of ages and skill levels. If you’re looking for a game that will inspire everyone, you’ll love TAG The Art Game!

Some of the most popular video games feature distinctive art styles and designs. Many are highly aesthetic, with intricate details. Some art theorists extend the concept of art games to “modified” games. These games have been altered to create graphic results for artistic display, without affecting the game play scenario or story line. Those works are sometimes called “video-game art.”

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