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A Complete Guide To Candle Moulds

The trends in candle-making change with time. There are tried-and-true methods that are combined with new aesthetics and techniques. While moulded candles have been around for centuries. Modern makers are reinterpreting these candles. You can find almost anything these days, from bubble candles to body moulds.

Mould candles are made by pouring wax into a mould, allowing it to solidify and then lighting it. When building a freestanding candle, there are three things you should consider—first, the wax, then the mould, and lastly, the wick.

There are many reasons to purchase moulded candles. You can make candles of many shapes and sizes with them. Moulded candles are an option, as jars are becoming more expensive and supplies are decreasing. Visit for know about : my puppy poop

Moulds are required for freestanding candles. They can be expensive depending on the type. You can use your moulds many times before replacing them if you invest in high-quality moulds.

This article will show you that, how to make freestanding candles. We’ll be discussing wax types and two common moulds. We will also discuss how to make a moulded candle and how to care for it.

How To Choose The Right Mould

After you have chosen a wax, choose a mould. Popular candle moulds are made of metal and silicone.

Metal Moulds

For basic candles, metal moulds can be used with smooth sides. They are strong and can be used with high melting points waxes. Metal moulds are cheaper than silicone. Metal moulds can last for a long time if they are properly maintained. Some of the older metal candle moulds are now collectibles.

The downside to metal moulds is that they can only make basic candles without any details. The second problem is that metal moulds are not ideal for making beeswax candles because the wax is so sticky.

Silicon Moulds

Silicone moulds are ideal for creating intricately shaped candles. Many experts use silicone candle moulds because of their many benefits.

Silicone Moulds Have Many Benefits

Silicone moulds can be used to make professional candles for many years if they are made with the right materials.

  • It can take wax exceeding 200 degrees F.
  • Silicone does not require mould release, as most waxes will not stay.
  • You can create almost any shape or complexity in candles made with silicone moulds.

They are expensive, which is the main problem. However, they will be well worth it after a few years. You should invest in high-quality silicone moulds with exceptional tensile strengths. Low-quality silicone moulds made of low-tensile silicon are easy to rip and break and need to be replaced often. Silica moulds that are cheaper absorb color and aroma, which can be transferred to candles.

Making A Mould Candle

Let’s now look at the materials you can use to make a freestanding candle using silicone and metal mould. There are many methods to make a moulded candle. We’ll only be focusing on our favorites. You, as a candle maker, should determine which method works best for you.

A Silicone Mould

Making a candle using a silicone mould differs from a metal mould. A wick pin is my favorite when making a silicone mould. However, you can also thread a wire through the bottom of the mould and attach it to a bar, as we did with the metal mould.

Place the silicone mould on a tray to prevent leakage, then insert the wick pin into its bottom. Before heating the wax, add fragrance and color.

Allow the wax to cool down, and slowly pour it into your mould. Pouring at higher temperatures will give you a shiny surface, while pouring at lower temperatures will produce a rough texture. The wick pin should be removed once the wax has set, but it shouldn’t have cooled down too quickly. This will depend on how large the candle is. Too soon, pulling the pin can cause the hole to burst. The pin can become stuck in the wax if you wait too long.

Once the candle has cooled, please remove it from the silicone mould. Be careful to keep delicate decorations from a candle you are unmolding. Slide a tabbed, waxed wick up to the candle’s base. To seal the wick, heat the base of the candle and flatten it. Light up!


It is fun to learn how to make freestanding moulded candles. You can create many different types of candles than you could with a container candle. They can be expensive and difficult to make, but the rewards are worth it. You will be able to use the moulds often and need to take good care of them. Candles!

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