/How to Transform Your Vehicle into a Marketing Powerhouse

How to Transform Your Vehicle into a Marketing Powerhouse

You can be forgiven for thinking it is not a big deal, but for marketers strapped for cash, a magnetic advertising sign can give the much-needed impetus to their advertising campaigns affordably and effectively. The magnetic signs carrying your brand or product advertisements are more noticeable than bumper stickers and compete with vehicle wraps with none of the hassles. You can reach a much larger audience with a magnetic advertising sign than a billboard since many more people get the opportunity of seeing it. As per Fatherly, on average Americans spend about an hour driving, so it is a good opportunity to grab their attention. Some of the more important aspects of vehicle magnetic advertising signs explained:

Why Magnetic Signs Are a Great Investment 

The most immediate benefit of magnetic advertising signs for use on vehicles is that they have the potential for giving your brand a great deal of exposure to your target audience. Whenever people encounter a branded truck or car, they will notice the attractively designed advertisements. It doesn’t matter whether the vehicle is moving or parked; the advertisements keep doing their job round-the-clock. Since it is easy to fix and peel off the paper-magnetic signs, you can keep on tweaking your advertisement campaigns with different messages and route plans for better coverage. Car magnetic signs deliver a very high return on investment due to several reasons. Firstly, the number of impressions of vehicle signs is very large. Secondly, the signs are very affordable; they last long and require minimal maintenance. If you buy good-quality signs, you can be sure they will last long even when exposed to harsh weather. The colors will not fade if you buy one with UV protection.

Getting Ready Is Not Complicated 

The main thing you need to concern yourself when ordering magnetic advertising signs is getting the size right. To make your brand optimally visible, you should pick the largest possible surface where you can fix the signs. You must keep in mind that you must exclude areas that protrude, have handles, or anti-scuffing strips. Also, you must make sure that the surface is steel, not plastic, fiberglass, or aluminum increasingly used to make vehicle panels. You should fix the sign only after cleaning and drying the surface of the vehicle.

Optimal Sign Placement 

Magnetic signs are best placed on the truck tailgate because people in the vehicles behind it will have the longest opportunity to view them. However, since the sides of the truck are also large, you can use them too. When ordering signs be sure to provide high-resolution artwork to ensure that the printing is sharp. It is always better to order signs with rounded corners so that people don’t accidentally hurt themselves, and the wind also does not blow away the sign when the vehicle is moving.


Magnetic advertising signs on cars and trucks are an effective marketing tactic for raising brand awareness and driving conversions, especially for small businesses. By making a nominal investment, you benefit from large exposure of your brand that makes you a familiar face to the local population, establishes trust and top-of-the-mind awareness.