Best Bingeable TV Shows for 2024

It’s always a good time when watchin’ a show that just clicks with you. In today’s day and age, when most of our entertainment has found a home in the digital landscape, TV shows take charge of providing content that people can relate to, or just prop down on the sofa and kick their legs up to. 

A small percentage of these shows are quite bingeable, meaning you won’t be able to take a break from hours of absorbing their storyline, plot twists, and stellar character portrayals. 

If you haven’t been so lucky in discovering stellar content that keeps you glued to the screen for hours, don’t worry! We’re here with a well-thought-out listicle that helps you give in to guilty pleasure. Forget the world and start watching the titles mentioned below!

The Last of Us 

Video game adaptations seldom get to a point where they can be talked about in a positive light. We’ve had many shows and movies that have tried their best to translate a game into a full-blown movie/show title. Yet, what was produced was a steaming pile of trash. More or less. But not The Last of Us! 

HBO’s adaptation of Naughty Dog’s best-selling video game is nothing short of stellar. Both in how it adheres to the game’s story and the characters. For firsts, Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey have given it their best to breathe life into this one-season show. Producing a title that does a spectacular job of living up to the hype and running parallel to the game. 


Ten seasons full of wholesome goodness. Friends is a show you sit down to watch with a plate full of food, cozied up and ready to binge for hours on end. There’s no particular story as this is a sitcom; just a bunch of friends trying to live life while having fun with their flatmates.

The show is quite old, having started airing back in 1994 and enjoying a good number of years going live till it didn’t in 2004. Even though the show itself has ended, it doesn’t stop entertaining countless generations of fans over the years.

The Fall of the House of Usher

A show based on the works of Edgar Allan Poe, the Fall of the House of Usher is a drama/horror series starring a family that has links to a dark past. The main character is the CEO of a pharmaceutical company and he is subjected to a multitude of shocks as he witnesses the deaths of children. These are no normal deaths as each one hints at a piece of dark history pertaining to the House of Usher.

Watch this show in brilliant HD so you can witness just how dark and grueling its plotline is. Don’t miss a detail with a service as good as the AT&T Internet. With a service that strives to deliver its very best every time, your shows and movies will be streaming with zero hiccups. Check it out before starting the binge party. 


Serving as a prequel series to Rogue One, another spinoff of the Star Wars franchise, Andor tells the story of Rebel spy Diego Luna who operates at a time when the Empire is starting to kick off its many projects. With the defeat and seemingly outright annihilation of most of the Jedi, the Empire is ready to strike back in full force. Yes, this is that timeline. 

Andor does a lot of fan service by bringing in beloved characters while also introducing new ones. Many uncharted locations previously only mentioned in books and lore are explored. The show has enough that it could stand on its own two feet, away from the umbrella of Star Wars, and still make sense. Greatly recommended. 

House of the Dragon

Just when you thought that we were done with The Game of Thrones, R.R. Martin laughs in your face and releases a prequel to the critically acclaimed Fantasy show. House of the Dragon takes place almost 200 years before the events of GoT and highlights House Targaryen at the peak of its power. The story then explains how Targaryen rose to power and its eventual demise. 

Like any medieval family who gets ahold of too much power, the series portrays the apparent rift between King Viserys and his daughter Rhaenyra who struggles to retain her status as heir to the Iron Throne despite giving birth to a baby boy. The cast is talented, the locations are breathtaking and the script is well thought out. Would be a royal shame not to give this one a look. 


That’s a wrap on all the best shows we have for you that’ll be sure to have you hunker down for a good bit. We’d recommend finding time over the weekend to sit down and binge-watch these titles so you can take a moment after to recollect your thoughts and absorb the show. Happy watching!

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