/LPG, Its Pros and Cons as Autogas

LPG, Its Pros and Cons as Autogas

What is LPG?


Liquefied petroleum gas or AutoGas, is a mixture of gases found in natural gas or found dissolved in the oil. The gaseous components at normal temperature of LPG i.e propane and butane are convenient to liquefy and hence are known as Liquefied petroleum gas.

LPG is the source of energy for new sustainable mobility. With LPG, you contribute to the reduction of harmful gases like greenhouse gases and thereby help in the improvement of air quality. In countries like Europe, more than 15 million LPG / Autogas vehicles are used.


Advantages of Autogas engines:


  • Cheaper than petrol: The cost per liter is nearly 50% less than gasoline and diesel. As consumption increases due to the difference in densities, the net economic saving will be around 40 to 45%.
  • Cleaner fuel: LPG is a clean fuel with a 68% reduction in Nitrogen oxide emissions and a 15% reduction in carbon dioxide when compared to gasoline.
  • Greater autonomy: Vehicles with LPG multiply their autonomy by two by having a second tank. Gasoline remains constant and the driver can use both the fuels interchangeably. The average autonomy of Autogas is 500 or 600 kilometres.


LPG vehicles are labelled with a green “ECO vehicle” like the electric one to easily allow their circulation in restricted areas and can benefit from discounts on the road. LPG follows all the rules and regulations meant for other fuels.


Disadvantages of Autogas engines:


  • Ignition temperature of LPG is higher than petrol
  • LPG requires a unique fuel feed system.
  • It has a lower energy density.
  • The autogas is heavier than air and in the case of leakage, it gets collected at the lowest areas causing suffocation. It is more dangerous in the case of fire.
  • Proper ventilation along with a proper detection system is required while using it.
  • Sometimes because of the low vapor pressure, it may cause the engine to start troubling at low temperature.


Is the Autogas system reliable?


Yes, it is already advanced technology. It is cheaper as mentioned and needs less maintenance. Automotive gas-powered vehicles increase engine life due to fewer problems on cylinders and other engine segments. AutoGas is much cleaner and hardly leaves carbonaceous deposits on combustion. It allows engine oil to be clean for a long time.


Where can I refuel?


Refueling takes place at a conventional gas station using a step similar to that of gasoline. The dispenser has a safety button that is to be pressed nonstop while refueling lasts.

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