Why You Should Avoid Jewelry

If you work in a workplace that requires you to handle tools or heavy machinery, then it’s better to avoid jewelry. While you might be tempted to wear it as a fashion statement, you’ll end up with a ring or bracelet that catches on something or falls off. Also, many workplaces forbid employees from wearing jewelry. And if you work in a hospital or clinic, then it’s even worse. Many doctors and hospital staff are required to wear nothing below their elbows.

Moreover, jewelry can contain toxic materials. Lead is the most common poisonous, so make sure you avoid jewelry made from lead or other toxic metals. Cadmium, which is sometimes used as a substitute, has been linked to cancer and weakened organs. Lead is not the only danger, but nickel is also a common culprit. You can avoid this by buying inexpensive jewelry made from non-toxic metals. However, be sure to always supervise your children when wearing jewelry.

A word that can lead potential buyers to a jeweler is “bargain.” The term attracts people to make bargains, and this is exactly what con artists do. When traveling to Thailand, for example, con artists will use the word “bargain” to lure tourists to purchase jewelry. These scam artists claim to offer jewelry at discounted prices because they were “bargained.” In most cases, clueless buyers will buy jewelry thinking they got a good deal, only to find out later that they paid a much higher price than they were supposed to.

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