Google’s Plethora of Android Products

Google is one of the leading smartphone manufacturers and has a plethora of Android products to choose from. In addition to the Pixel series, Android devices use the Android Auto operating system, the Android TV platform, and Google’s Wear OS smartwatches. Other Google products include the Google Nest Doorbell, the Google Pixelbook touch-screen screen laptop, and Google Pay. Google Messages is an open source messaging service that will be available on all new Android devices starting in 2022.

Like iOS, Android devices come with built-in microphones. Many of these devices come with preinstalled Google applications. Google apps include Gmail, YouTube, Maps, Chrome, and Google Play Music & TV. Google will also add Bluetooth connectivity to Android devices to improve interoperability with other hardware. Moreover, Google will add Bluetooth connectivity to Matter smart home devices using the Connectivity Standards Alliance’s Matter protocol. In addition to these features, Google will add the ability to pair headphones with Android devices.

Google also owns Android. Android OS is free for hardware and app developers to use. Android started as a software development project developed by Android, Inc. in 2005. After the company went bankrupt, Google took over the project and made it openly available. Today, Android is a part of Google’s triumvirate, which includes Chrome browser and Chrome OS. Similarly, Apple offers MacOS X and iOS. In addition to smartphones, tablets, and gaming consoles, Google also has a plethora of Android products.

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